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Senioridy harnesses the very best that technology has to offer and is one of the most advanced senior care search engines available today. With our multiple modes of searching, saving and comparing our viewers have better tools available to them to find exactly what they need.

With our dynamic listing technology we can immediately expand to add your specific fields to showcase every one of your amenities or offerings, even if it is a unique feature, and use it to make your listing more attractive to your audience.

When you list with Senioridy you will see that your direct phone number is prominently displayed on your listings so that viewers can contact you directly without the interference of a middle man.

Each Premium listing will feature direct links to your website and your social media so that you can drive our audience to your facility's information. You can send us your facility's news and information for display on our News and Events pages if the events are open to the public. You can also upload your latest brochures, menus, and newsletters so that viewers can see the activities you offer on a regular basis.


Questions & Answers

How do I get listed on Senioridy?

Just Register or if you have already registered just and click on the Submit Listing button (top left of the site).

Can I edit/update my listing myself?

Yes, of course! Once your listing has been approved it will be published. Once published you are welcome and encouraged to update your listings on a regular basis. You can add/edit/order your gallery of images, add videos, update the text, and add new amenities and services that you offer. If you have a unique feature, amenity, or service, you can ask us to add it to our system right from your edit listing screen. If you look good, we look good!

Do my listings have to be located in Alabama?

Nope, but we are targeting our marketing efforts in Alabama for now and will expand as we gather more listings. We will probably expand into the larger metropolitan areas first and branch into surrounding areas of the locations as we grow..

Why should I list on Senioridy?

It is our goal to provide the most complete list of senior solution providers for your area. At Senioridy, we have made a commitment to providing a comprehensive list of detailed listings that are beautifully displayed using today's most advanced technology. Each listing will showcase your features with whatever images you'd like for us to use. Our site features a full screen search map, filters to allow the users to find exactly what they do need while filtering out the listings not relevant to their specific needs. Our site visitors can view and compare each listing and save listings so when they return they will know which listings they preferred and why.

Clients call you directly, already informed about the services that you offer.

Senioridy will be pushing out our local listings across multiple marketing channels,our in-house, full-time staff are experts at search engine optimization and web marketing strategies.


Don't be left behind, harness the power of technology and the drive of true viewership marketing to give your facility or service the attention it deserves.

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