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300 Vestavia Pkwy
Vestavia Hills, AL
Acti-Kare is a leading in-home care provider across the United States. For over a decade, our franchises have personalized in-home care services around your loved one and the family. This allows you or your loved one to receive superior care in the comfort of their own home.

A home is something you build over years and years of your life. You form bonds, make memories, and experience life in your home. So it is understandable why it is so important for your elderly family members to want to stay in their home even when they may not be able to do it alone. This is where Acti-Kare can help your family. Acti-Kare provides top of the line in-home care from our trained and professional caregivers for your loved ones in need. Whether it be handling grooming and hygiene such as showering or handling nutrition, Acti-Kare is here to support and enrich the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of your family member in need right from the comfort of their own home.

Acti-Kare’s trained in-home caregivers will provide help with your loved one’s personal care needs in the home. One of the most significant personal care issues is grooming and hygiene. This can become a frustrating and challenging task to many with physical and cognitive limitations. With a trained Acti-Kare caregiver in the home, your loved one will get assistance with everything from showering and bathing, to shaving, and brushing teeth. Keeping up with regular hygiene is very important to the physical and mental health of your loved one, and with Acti-Kare it will never be an issue. Acti-Kare caregivers also understand the sensitivity and discretion required when dealing with toileting and other incontinence care needs. Not having proper assistance with these issues can lead to many things from unpleasant odors to severe skin infections. With in-home care provided by Acti-Kare, your loved one will get the care and attention needed while maintaining respect and sensitivity.

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